Fun Activities That Will Help Your Preschooler Practice The Letters Of The Alphabet

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If your preschooler is currently learning the letters of the alphabet in school and you would like to help them practice at home, use the activities below. Your child will likely enjoy each of the options, which will help them remain focused and interested while reinforcing the letters that have been introduced at school. 

Picture Collages

Purchase alphabet stencils and trace them on a piece of cardstock. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the stencils. Gather up some art supplies, including construction paper, a glue stick, and themed stickers that depict various items such as animals or food products. Place the materials on a table and ask your child to sit down with you to complete an alphabet project. Hold up one of the cardstock letters and state the letter aloud.

Help your child glue the letter to a piece of construction paper. Enunciate the sound the the letter makes and show your child the stickers. Name the various items that are depicted while enunciating the first letter of each item. Help your child choose stickers that depict items that start with the same letter as the one that is glued to the construction paper. Practice making additional collages several times a week.

Memory Match Game

Make a memory match game similar to memory card games that are sold in stores. Cut squares from pieces of cardstock. On one side of each square, write one of the letters of the alphabet and draw a simple picture that starts with the same letter. Make duplicate copies of each letter and picture. After making all of the cards, lay the cards facedown on a table so that the cards form a grid and are spaced evenly apart.

Pick two random cards and show them to your child. State the letter and picture that is on each card before placing the cards back on the table. Allow your child to pick two cards and repeat the same process that you did. Attempt to match as many pairs as possible. 

Objects In A Box

Stick various items in a box that you have found lying around your home. Choose objects that will be easy for your child to grasp and that do not contain sharp edges. Drape a piece of fabric over the objects so that your child cannot see them. Sit down on a couch with your child and place the box in between the two of you.

Ask your child to reach into the box and grab an item. After they retrieve an item, ask them if they know what the item is. After they correctly name the object, enunciate the beginning of the name and specify what letter the object starts with. Have your child retrieve the remaining items, one at a time and help them name them and correctly identify what letter they begin with.

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