Are You Interested In Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten?

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Is your child starting kindergarten in the fall of 2018? If so, you may be a bit concerned about whether or not your child is ready for the experience. From planning activities at home to enrolling your little one in a preschool, here are some ideas that might help you to better prepare your child for kindergarten:

Think Of What Will Be Expected From Your Child In Kindergarten -

  • There will be a set routine.
  • He or she will be expected to follow school rules.
  • Your child will be sharing the limelight with other children.
  • Total respect to people of authority will be part of your child's day.

As you plan your child's day, these are some of the things you can work on. For example, start your child with an early wake up in the mornings, as he or she will be having to get ready for school early. Think about posting expectations right on a wall where your child spends most of his or her play time. Rules like I will always use an inside voice or It's important to share my toys are just a couple of rules you can establish at home.

Think Of Enrolling Your Child In A Preschool Program - 

  • At preschool, your child will have a mini-version of real kindergarten.
  • He or she will probably start learning numbers and the letters of the alphabet.
  • Songs and dancing will be used as teaching tools.
  • There will be learning toys like puzzles and building blocks.

One of the great parts about your child going to preschool is that he or she will have another adult, or even several adults, who will guide him or her in a way that your child will be prepared for kindergarten. Your child will learn that taking turns is part of the day and that he or she won't always be first in line. Your child will be sharing toys and will learn that he or she needs to raise a hand before speaking. Of course, there are rules in a preschool. However, your child will more than likely also be experiencing a great deal of happiness while he or she interacts with other children. 

Consider sending your child to a preschool for only one or two mornings a week at the beginning. Then add more days as he or she feels more confident about being away from you and away from home. Contact local preschools for more information and assistance.