What Are The Signs Of A Good Preschool Teacher?

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Dear Mom and Dad, your little bundle of joy has grown up so quickly! He or she is about to embark on a new developmental stage of life, i.e. the preschool years. Are you prepared?

Finding the right teacher for your child is vital. Not every teacher has a sincere interest in and a heart for the profession. In other words, there are teachers, and then there are teachers! To help you find a good preschool teacher, consider these characteristics.


A good preschool teacher is passionate and enthusiastic about contributing to the holistic development of children. Preschoolers thrive better in environments where they feel loved and welcomed. A good preschool teacher plays a critical role in fostering such an environment. He or she should enjoy being around your child and helping him or her to learn.

Open to Differences

Imagine an inclusive classroom with learners of different nationalities, religions, learning styles, etc. A good preschool teacher embraces these differences and treats all the children with respect. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a good teacher is open-minded and uses various teaching methods to accommodate the specific needs of each child.


Preschoolers love to explore and need to be stimulated. By engaging them in fun educational activities, they will be more inclined to learn. What parents wouldn't want that for their child? A good preschool teacher makes it a habit to incorporate music, art, play, and more in the lessons.


Children at this stage of life tend to have short attention spans, are prone to accidents, and are very inquisitive. Your child's preschool teacher, therefore, needs to recognize that there's virtue in being patient. He or she needs to allow your child to be expressive and to ask, ask, ask! That's part of learning.

Choosing the right preschool teacher for your kid can be overwhelming, especially if it's your first time. In addition to the above traits, take the necessary actions to put your mind at ease.

  • Browse reputable websites like NAEYC to find schools based on your selection criteria.

  • Visit a few preschools and see the teachers in action. There's no better way than to witness firsthand the teacher-students interaction.

  • Get feedback from neighbors and friends about their kids' teachers. They can surely give you real experiences.

So, keep these tips in mind when choosing the best programs for daycare for your child.