Training Options That Will Help Your Teenaged Child Prepare To Try Out For Their School's Swim Team

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If your teenaged child is an accomplished swimmer and has decided to take their swimming ability to the next level by trying out for their highschool's swim team or another competitive swim team through a place like the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, help your child achieve their goal with the training options below.

Seek A Private Instructor

If you have a pool on your property that your child swims in on a routine basis, brushing up on swimming strokes and learning how to move across the water while using precise movements can help your child stand out when they try out for the swim team. Hire a private swimming instructor to coach your child and provide them with demonstrations that will help them excel as a swimmer. Practicing in a private environment without being distracted by other swimmers may help your child remain focused as they prepare for the swimming test that they will be taking.

Obtain A Membership At A Club Or Community Center

After your child has trained with an instructor for several weeks, consider purchasing a membership that will provide your child with access to an olympic-sized swimming pool. Contact a recreational club or community center in the town that you reside in to inquire about a membership. After paying for a membership, acquire a schedule that lists the dates and times that your child can utilize the pool. The sessions in the pool will help your child increase their stamina and grow accustomed to swimming around others.

Time Your Child While They Complete Laps

Purchase a stopwatch to use to time your child as they complete laps in the pool on your residence or in the larger pool that is at the facility that you obtained a membership from. When your child is ready to practice, stand alongside the pool and instruct your child to use specific strokes to traverse the length of the pool. During each lap, time your child and record the time in a notebook.

Pay attention to your child's form as they complete each lap and provide your child with feedback concerning their performance. Encourage your child to try to beat or tie their best time during each subsequent lap. After practicing timed laps on a routine basis, your child will be prepared to try out for the swim team. On the day of the test, go to the school to support your child. If they pass the test, take your child out to dinner to celebrate.